Cyber Insurance

Is Your Sports Club Adequately Protected from Cyber Risks?

Sports clubs are becoming increasingly dependent on technology, from holding sensitive data, to processing online transactions and more that are leaving Clubs progressively vulnerable to cyber threats. 

Why AFL Clubs should consider cyber insurance

Community Hubs

Community hubs and sports clubs store large amounts of seemingly innocuous user data about your members. This can be seen as a goldmine for cybercriminals as the data can be exploited for financial gain. Cyber insurance provides cover for:

  • Privacy notification costs to advise affected members.
  • Costs for credit monitoring of compromised card information.
  • Liability you may incur to your members.
  • Regulatory fines and penalties (where insurable).

Cyber Crime

Cybercriminals view small to medium organisations as more favourable targets for cyber-crime, with 42% of all cyber-attacks aimed at smaller businesses. Many clubs and associations don’t have the expertise to manage a cyber-attack. Cyber insurance gives you access to specialist vendors, who will assist you every step of the way. This can minimise financial and reputational damage to your club, protecting your members and your brand.

Make Marsh part of your Game Plan

With over 30 years' experience in designing, developing and implementing risk management programs for sporting communities,  Marsh can help your team or Club stay ahead of the game.

As a leading provider of national and state based sports insurance and risk management programs in Australia, our difference is grounded in our partnership approach. We are team players who speak your language and develop the close relationships needed to truly appreciate all the specific risks you face.

Protecting the Australian Sporting Community


More than 2.5 million club members protected by our sporting risk protection programs.


Protecting over 12,000 sporting clubs across Australia


Over 105,000 coaches, judges and umpires covered to keep our sporting communities moving.

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