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Insurance solutions for tradies

From legal liability to stolen tools and property damage, we can help arrange competitive insurance for all types of tradies.

Cover we can arrange

Public liability insurance

If you accidentally injure or damage the property of a client or third party, you may be liable to compensate them for their loss or injury – and the legal costs incurred. Public liability provides financial cover for your business up to the liability limit you choose.

Personal accident insurance

Personal accident or injury insurance can help compensate for serious injury or death as the result of an accident. Depending on the policy you choose, personal accident insurance can provide financial cover against loss of income, medical bills and other expenses.

Tools and equipment cover

As the saying goes, a tradie is only as good as their tools. If your tools are damaged, lost or stolen, it can be an expensive exercise to get them replaced. Make sure your tools and equipment are covered for replacement or repair if damage or loss occurs.

Additional cover we can arrange

Product and services

Business vehicle insurance

Need to travel from one job to another to keep your business running? Marsh can arrange business vehicle cover tailored to your needs.

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Product and services

Business interruption cover

A storm, cyberattack or machinery breakdown can grind your business to a halt. Arrange business interruption cover to keep things moving.

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Product and services

Workplace injury cover

On-the-job injuries can hurt – and not just the injured worker. Help protect yourself against costly claims with cover arranged by Marsh.


Why should you consider tradies insurance?

If something goes wrong on your worksite, your business could be exposed to costly legal fees.

Insurance can help protect your employees, your clients and your livelihood. 

In fact, some trade associations require you to arrange insurance before you’re allowed to work in that state. For example, Victorian plumbers need public liability insurance to register with the Victorian Building Authority. 

We’re ready to provide you with comprehensive cover at competitive rates. We’ll even issue your certificate of currency on the same day.

Why Marsh?

Why should you choose Marsh to arrange your insurance solutions?

Trusted by 130 associations

We are proud to be the endorsed insurance broker for more than 130 Australian industry groups and member associations, developing insurance solutions that help meet the risk and insurance needs of businesses across a variety of industries.

Local expertise

Our Australia-wide network of brokers have spent years at the coalface supporting business owners manage their unique risks in a fast-changing market. They keep ahead of the latest market insights both local and global and break down the jargon into your language.

Claims support

Handling an insurance claim can quickly become overwhelming, not least when your time is stretched to the limit keeping your business going in the backdrop. We help take the load off and manage, negotiate and settle claims with insurers on your behalf.

Trade association endorsed

We’re proud to work with a range of industry associations including the Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries.

Comprehensive and competitive

Marsh brokers use their expertise to find the best cover at the right price – so you get the best deal possible, without compromising cover.

Same-day certificates

We’ll send your certificate of currency straight to your email address after you successfully purchase public liability insurance through Marsh.

Why use a broker?

Choosing business insurance means navigating through products, coverages and policy terminology – with a sales pitch as your only guide. An experienced broker will spot your unique set of risks, match you to the right choice, and advocate for you on price.

Frequently asked questions

We recommend sole traders consider taking out personal accident insurance in case they suffer a serious injury or death as the result of an accident.

Sole traders may be unable to take time off for injury, limiting their ability to maintain a stable income. Personal accident insurance covers loss of income and can provide financial cover for bills and other expenses.

Contractors with employees may need to consider arranging workers compensation insurance. This covers an employee's wages if they suffer a serious work-related injury or their compensation costs in the case of death.

Also, depending on your trade, you may also be required to consider obtaining insurance to maintain your licence. For example, Victorian plumbers are required to obtain a specific level of public liability insurance under the Victorian Building Authority to provide plumbing services. Check with your local state authority.

Yes. We can organise monthly instalments* provided you meet certain criteria. Please be aware this option is currently unavailable online.

To request monthly payments, please contact our Trades team.

We strongly recommend considering professional indemnity insurance if you provide advice or design services to your clients. 

Professional indemnity insurance can cover your business for allegations of negligence involving a breach of professional duty. This is typically excluded under public liability insurance.

It depends.

If a subcontractor injures a third party or damages their property, they may be covered by their client’s public liability policy.

However, if a subcontractor is negligent and leaves their tools out, causing a third party to trip and injure themselves, then this claim may need to be made under the subcontractor’s policy.

As such, we strongly recommend subcontractors consider arranging their own public liability insurance to be appropriately covered.

We’ll send your certificate of currency straight to your email address after you successfully arrange public liability insurance through Marsh.

If you’re an existing customer, please contact us to request your certificate of currency, policy wording or tax invoice.

Yes. If you provide the relevant information and satisfy the underwriter’s criteria, we can provide you with a quote over the phone.

Simply call us on 1300 300 511.

Tradie insurance typically covers a wide range of risks that trades people may face in their work. What’s included can vary depending on the policy and insurer, but some typical inclusions include:

  • Public liability: covers damage to someone else's property or injury to someone while you're working.
  • Tools and equipment: covers the cost of repairing or replacing your tools and equipment if they're lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Personal accident: covers you if you're injured and unable to work.

Some other cover options that trades businesses purchase include:

  • Business interruption: covers you if you can’t run your business due to an incident such as a fire or flood.
  • Commercial vehicle: covers your work vehicles, including any damage you cause to other people's property or injuries you cause to other people while driving.

It's always a good idea to carefully review your insurance policy documents and speak with your insurance broker to ensure you have the coverage you need for your specific trade and business.

The specific exclusions for any tradie insurance policy will vary depending on the policy and the insurer. However, there are some general things that many tradie insurance policies typically do not cover. These can include:

  • Intentional damage
  • Wear and tear
  • Faulty workmanship
  • Illegal activities
  • Professional negligence – this would typically be covered under a professional indemnity policy.

It's always a good idea to carefully review your insurance policy documents and speak with your insurance broker to ensure you have the coverage you need for your specific trade and business.

Related insurance solutions

slected option

Subcontractor insurance

Subcontractors aren’t always covered by a builder’s insurance – even if the building site is. Let us arrange cover to help protect you.

Auto electricians cover

Accidents happen – even to experienced electricians. Let us arrange your insurance to help keep you safe from losses and liabilities.

Mechanic insurance

There’s no quick fix for financial losses. Get coverage for accidents, errors or negligence with insurance arranged by Marsh.


Panel beater insurance

Panel beating is a hands-on job. Mitigate risks of damage and financial loss with tailored insurance – arranged by Marsh.

Electricians insurance

Keep the danger out of your business operations. Let our expert brokers arrange insurance that meets your needs.

Painter insurance

Plastering can be risky – but mistakes don’t have to cost your business. We can arrange plasterer cover tailored to you.

Plasterers insurance

Plastering can be risky – but mistakes don’t have to cost your business. We can arrange plasterer cover tailored to you.

Plumber insurance

The right plumber insurance can prevent financial leaks. We can arrange watertight cover on your behalf – tailored to your business.

Handyman insurance

If you’re handy by trade, we can help you stay covered. Let us arrange handyman insurance that’s tailored to you.

Carpenter insurance

Woodwork is your thing. Insurance is ours. Keep your business and your tools covered with insurance arranged by Marsh.

Cabinet maker insurance

One faulty screw can cause a world of trouble. Let us arrange tailored insurance to help cover you for costly claims.

Lawn mower insurance

Your tools and your time are the foundation of your business. Let us arrange tailored insurance that covers you from end to end.

*Interest and additional fees may be applicable.

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