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Professional indemnity insurance

Help protect your business against claims of incorrect or misleading advice, breach of duty or negligence.

What is professional indemnity insurance?

Safeguard your business

Help protect your business against allegations that your advice caused clients (or third parties) financial loss; and the legal costs that these claims may incur.

Up to $10m liability limit

This policy provides cover for any one claim and in the aggregate for a selected liability limit option (up to $10m). The liability limit is the maximum amount that can be received for a successful claim.

Optional extension

You have the option to help protect your business further – and have better peace of mind – by adding the public liability insurance with a limit of liability of either $10 million or $20 million.

IP infringement

This policy provides cover for intellectual property (IP) infringement, in the event you unintentionally breach trademark, design, patent or copyright in your work for clients.


The professional indemnity policy can help protect you and your business’s reputation against allegations of defamation, slander or libel – and all the costs or legal fees incurred.

Lost or damaged documents

This policy includes coverage for documents that are damaged or lost while in your custody – and may cover the costs to replace or restore these lost or damaged documents.

Reputation repair

The professional indemnity insurance can help protect you against allegations that may seriously impact you and your business’s reputation – and may cover associated public relations expenses.

Claims investigation costs

The professional indemnity policy can help cover the legal costs and other expenses incurred in the investigation, defence and settlement of claims made against you.


This policy helps protect you and your business against claims of professional negligence – and provides cover for the financial consequences that arise from these acts of neglect, error or omission.

Breach of duty

This policy can help protect you and your business against claims that you failed to carry out your professional duties – like lodging a client’s paperwork on time – and any expenses incurred.

Breach of privacy or confidentiality

This policy provides cover for allegations of breach of privacy or confidentiality – such as accidentally revealing a client’s personal data online – and any expenses incurred.

General exclusions

These are some examples of the general exclusions in professional indemnity insurance. Speak to your broker to find out more.

Existing circumstances

This professional indemnity policy does not cover claims or circumstances that have existed – and that you are aware of or know about – since before your policy start date.

Intentional damage

This professional indemnity insurance does not cover any costs associated with intentional property damage or personal injury you may cause to clients or third parties.

Contractual obligations

This policy does not cover costs or expenses that arise due to your compliance with contractual requirements or obligations that you and a client had previously agreed to.


Professional indemnity insurance may not cover loss, costs or claims that arise out of – or are connected with – your business’s bankruptcy, insolvency or liquidation.

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Key product highlights

Minimise disruptions

Claims that your work caused clients damage or loss can mean disruptions to your business – and substantial costs in defence or compensation.

Coverage across industries

This policy covers businesses across industries – including accountants, solicitors, travel agents, health therapists and graphic designers.

Cover costs

This policy can help protect your assets, reputation and finances – and help cover legal costs, claims investigations and settlement judgements.

Tailored to your industry

We can arrange for the professional indemnity coverage that suits the needs and risk profile of your business and occupation.

Why use a broker?

Choosing business insurance means navigating through products, coverages and policy terminology – with a sales pitch as your only guide. An experienced broker will spot your unique set of risks, match you to the right choice, and advocate for you on price.

Why Marsh?

Why should you choose Marsh to arrange your insurance solutions?

Trusted by 130 associations

We are proud to be the endorsed insurance broker for more than 130 Australian industry groups and member associations, developing insurance solutions that help meet the risk and insurance needs of businesses across a variety of industries.

Local expertise

Our Australia-wide network of brokers have spent years at the coalface supporting business owners manage their unique risks in a fast-changing market. They keep ahead of the latest market insights both local and global and break down the jargon into your language

Claims support

Handling an insurance claim can quickly become overwhelming, not least when your time is stretched to the limit keeping your business going in the backdrop. We help take the load off and manage, negotiate and settle claims with insurers on your behalf.

Quick and simple process

You can easily request a professional indemnity quote and coverage via our user-friendly online platform. We’ll get back to you with options tailored to your requirements as quickly as we can, so you won’t need to spend too much time away from your business.

Multifaceted approach

Our team of specialist brokers can work with you in the way you’re most comfortable with. Whether that is online, through a phone call, or in person, all you have to do is let us know your preferred approach – and we’ll take care of the rest.

Superior capabilities

Our capabilities are unrivalled. With our ability to leverage the Marsh McLennan network across the Pacific and globally, you get to enjoy access to unparalleled insight, service, tools and capabilities across the full spectrum of risk.

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Frequently asked questions

The cost of your professional indemnity insurance will depend on several factors, including your business size, revenue, and services provided.

When requesting a quote, be sure to fill in the form values as accurately as possible, so we can arrange the right premium and cover for your business.

Or you can request a call back to speak to a Marsh advisor for a clearer picture.

Professional indemnity insurance can cover your business for up to $10 million.

Generally, professional indemnity insurance doesn’t cover existing circumstances, intentional damage, contractual obligations and bankruptcy.

Professional indemnity insurance can cover you for claims made due to incorrect or misleading advice.

Public liability, on the other hand, can cover you against claims resulting from property damage, accidents or injuries that happen due to your business activities.

Yes. The terms are interchangeable, and they refer to the same insurance.

‘Claims made’ is an insurance policy that covers claims made against you during the current insurance period – regardless of when the claim event happened.

Professional indemnity policies provide a ‘claims made’ cover, because errors in these professions are often discovered weeks, months or even years after the mistake was made.

This means you must have a current professional indemnity policy or a ‘run-off’ policy in place at the time of the claim, as you won’t be protected by old policies.

Another important note: If the indemnity limit has been changed, it’s the limit in effect when the claim is lodged (ie 2020) that applies – not the limit purchased when the work was done (ie 2017).

LCPA 23/099

This is a general overview of the policy. Please call us and ask for a copy of the insurer’s policy wording. We recommend you read the policy wording, so you have an understanding of the policy terms, conditions and exclusions before you decide whether this policy suits your needs.

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