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National Insurance Program

Equestrian Clubs

Learn everything you need to know about the insurance cover in place for your club. 


Program Coverage

As the Risk and Insurance Advisor for Equestrian Australia (EA), Marsh has developed a National Insurance Program to help protect members, coaches, clubs and officials across the EA community.

Public & Product Liability Insurance

Protects your club if a third party claims they have suffered personal injury or property due to the alleged negligence of the club.

Management Liability Insurance

This insurance helps cover a range of financial risks for your club’s directors and officers and can cover some of the costs associated with an employee stealing funds from the club.

Personal Accident Insurance

This cover is designed to offer some peace of mind to members of your club by helping cover costs related to a personal injury sustained whilst participating in an Insured’s activity.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Protects your club against allegations of a breach of professional duty arising from negligent acts, errors or omissions whilst engaged in organised club activities.

National Insurance Program

What's Covered
slected option

Who's Covered?

Members of affilitated Clubs/Associations, voluntary workers, committe member, judges, officials, administrators.


QBE UK via Bowring Marsh

Limit of Liability

  • $20,000,000


  • $2,500 each and every claim for Property Damage

Who's Covered?

Committee members, directors, administrators, employees.


Vero Insurance

This is a claims-made policy, meaning the policy provides coverage when a claim is made against it, regardless of when the claim event occurred. This also means the policy only covers claims made while the policy is active.                                                   

Who's Covered?

Coaches, administrators, voluntary workers, medical officers.


QBE UK via Bowring Marsh

This is a claims-made policy, meaning the policy provides coverage when a claim is made against it, regardless of when the claim event occurred. This also means the policy only covers claims made while the policy is active

Limit of Liability

  • $20,000,000


  • $2,500 each and every claim

Who's Covered?

Voluntary workers, committee members, judges, officials, administrators.


Accident & Health International

Non-Medicare Medical Benefits

  • $3,500 maximum per claim
  • 100% Reimbursement (subject to the maximum claim amount above)
  • $100 Excess

Loss of Income

  • 85% Net Income up to $500 per week
  • 14 Day Deferral Period
  • 104 Week Benefit Period

Death and Capital Benefits

  • $100,000 maximum
  • $25,000 maximum (aged under 19)


$1,000 Out of Pocket Expenses

Medicare vs Risk Protection

When it comes to reimbursement of Personal Injury claims, some people get confused about Medicare, the Medicare Gap and what is covered through the National Risk Protection Program.

Medicare is a Commonwealth Government programme that provides eligible Australian residents with free or low-cost medical and hospital care.

Medicare provides access to:

  • Free treatment as public (Medicare) patient in public hospital
  • Free or subsidised treatment by practitioners such as Doctors or specialists.

The medical benefits schedule (MBS) lists all treatments and Associated MBR relating to Medicare.

You can access the MBS at any time by Medicare’s website. Items commonly used by sports participants that are Medicare listed can include General Practitioners, surgeons and an anaesthetists.

The MBS lists a rebate amount for each Medicare Item.

Example: A short consultation with a Doctor = Medicare rebate of $15.36

However, doctors or specialists may charge more than the listed MBS amount.

The difference between was is charged and the MBS rebate is call the “Medicare Gap”

  1. The Doctor charges $45
  2. Medicare provides a rebate of $15.35
  3. Medicare Gap = $29.65 (our of pocket expense).

The Health Insurance Act 1973 (Cth) strictly prohibits any general insurer from insuring any item that is listed on the Medicare Benefits Schedule.

This also means that regardless of your out of pocket expenses, it is against the law for the insurer to cover the Medicare Gap.

So what does that mean?

If your medical or other treatment has a Medicare Item number, such as the doctor fee above, it is claimable on Medicare by is uninsurable and you may not claim for reimbursement.

In the example you cannot claim the $29.65.

If your medical or other treatment does not have a Medicare Item Number, you may claim for reimbursement through Marsh . For specific insurance and Risk Protection information please visit the making a claim section of this website.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, club members receive Public Liability cover only whilst engaged in activities organised and/or run by an affiliated club who elects to participate in the National Insurance Program. Should participants wish to obtain cover under the Personal Injury policy, they are encouraged to become EA State Branch members.

Certificates of Currency are provided by Marsh upon renewal to affiliated clubs who elect to participate in the National Insurance Program. Certificates of Currency are often requested by third parties such as a council or property owner as proof of insurance.

Please contact the team at if you need an Interested Party noted on your Certificate of Currency.

Whilst there is no protection for club property under the EA National Program, Marsh is able to assist with arranging additional insurance to cover an EA Club’s assets and property. Please contact the Equine Team at

Still have questions?

For general enquiries please contact us and one of our friendly team members will be in touch.

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Marsh Advantage Insurance Pty Ltd (ABN 31 081 358 303, AFSL 238369) arranges the insurance and is not the insurer. This page contains general information and does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. For full details of the terms, conditions and limitations of the covers, refer to the specific policy wordings and/or Product Disclosure Statements available from Marsh Advantage Insurance (MAI) on request. MAI makes no representation or warranty concerning the application of policy wordings or the financial condition or solvency of insurers or re-insurers. MAI makes no assurances regarding the availability, cost, or terms of insurance coverage.  


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