Cricket Coaches Australia Insurance Scheme

Learn more about the Australian Cricket Accredited Coaches Insurance Scheme (ACCIS) which has been developed for coaches conducting private coaching outside the traditional club environment.

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Coverage Summary

Public Liability Insurance

Can help provide cover for you if something happens while you are coaching, that results in a loss to another person. That person may take legal action against you, stating that it was your negligence that caused their loss.

Example: a ball rears up from the pitch and hits a person in the throat. They are permanently injured and take legal action, stating the coach didn’t provide a safe environment as the ball hit a stone on the pitch.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Provides cover for you if you provide advice and injury occurs as a result of that advice.

Example: You are working with a young fast bowler and instruct them to modify their action. They develop stress fractures in their back and take legal action, stating that it was your advice that caused the injury.

Cricket Coaches Australia Insurance Scheme

Insurance Scheme

Designed for coaches conducting private coaching outside the traditional club environment. Available to coaches of all levels (0-3) but likely to be of most benefit to Level 2 and Level 3 coaches.

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Public Liability

  • $20,000,000 Cover Limit
  • $500 Excess each and every occurrence 

Error & Omissions

  • $10,000,000 Cover Limit
  • $500 Excess each and every occurrence

365 day coverage

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Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching conducted within the traditional cricket club environment is covered by Australian Cricket’s National Club Risk Protection Program (NCRPP). This includes:

  • Official traditional summer club coaching, from Juniors through to Premier/Grade cricket
  • Official winter club coaching or net sessions
  • MILO in2CRICKET or MILO T20 Blast coaching if done within and on behalf of a traditional cricket club (and not at a private centre)

However, for those coaches providing private coaching service outside the traditional club environment, the NCRPP does not apply and obtaining personal liability insurance may be a viable option. The ACCIS, arranged by Marsh, provides this insurance.

Coaches conducting any private coaching, whether paid or unpaid. Even if only providing a small amount of private coaching on an ad-hoc basis, you may be exposing yourself to risk. Players can and do get injured and sometimes, rightly or wrongly, they can attribute their injuries to the acts, negligence or advice of you, their coach. Examples of coaching that are not covered by the NCRPP but would be covered by the ACCIS include:

  • Coaches running a private coaching business (on an individual basis, not a multi-employee business) Coaches consulting to or contracted by high performance programs (STCA / CA)
  • Coaches consulting to or contracted by Premier clubs
  • Coaches providing private individual or group coaching:
    • club players from their regular club, outside the official club training program
    • to club players from other clubs
    • to Premier club players
    • to elite players

This insurance is not designed for private coaching businesses, where multiple coaches are employed in the business. Such coaching businesses may need dedicated business insurance that insures them for their activities as a private coaching business.

The following examples of coaching are covered by the Accredited Coaches Insurance Scheme. Please Note: none of the examples listed below are covered by the NCRPP)

  • I am a junior team coach and have been asked to provide extra coaching on a one-on-one basis at the club by one of the team players. This might be paid or unpaid coaching.
  • A Premier cricket coach asked to assist with coaching at a state training session (either junior or senior). Any coach providing coaching services to a state association or to Cricket Australia for a defined period of time (e.g. a tournament or an overseas tour) and who is not an employee of the state association or Cricket Australia.
  • I am a representative team coach and have been asked by some players for one-on-one private coaching. The players are from different teams.
  • A Premier club contracts a coach for their services (paid or unpaid) and the coach runs multiple sessions across multiple clubs.
  • A private coaching company contracts a coach to provide coaching services to a club or clubs.
  • An ACA past player being paid by the ACA to conduct coaching sessions for a club, association/regional representative team, Premier club or state junior team.

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