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National Insurance Program

Touch football clubs

Learn more about the public liability, management liability and personal injury insurance available to touch football clubs through the National Insurance Program.

Program coverage

Public liability insurance

This insurance helps protect your club against the financial risk of being found liable to a third party for death or injury, loss of or damage to property, or ‘pure economic’ loss resulting from your club’s negligence.

Management liability insurance

This insurance helps cover a range of financial risks for your club’s directors and officers and can cover some of the costs associated with an employee stealing funds from the club.

Personal injury insurance

This insurance is designed to offer some peace of mind to members, participants, volunteers, etc. of your club by helping to cover costs related to a personal injury sustained whilst involved in a touch football activity.

National Insurance Program

What's covered?
slected option

Who's covered?

This insurance covers Touch Football Australia and their affiliated associations, clubs, members, coaches, referees, officials, voluntary workers, first aid persons and administration personnel. 


Sportscover Australia

Public liability

  • $20,000,000 any one occurrence
  • Nil excess

Product liability

  • $20,000,000 any one occurrence and in the annual aggregate
  • Nil excess

Who's covered?

This insurance covers Touch Football Australia and their affiliated associations, clubs, members, coaches, referees, officials, voluntary workers, first aid persons and administration personnel.



Sportscover Australia Pty Ltd

$5,000,000 limit

In the aggregate during the period of insurance

Nil excess

Except employment practices excess $10,000

Who's covered?

This insurance covers Touch Football Australia and their affiliated associations, clubs, members, coaches, referees, officials, voluntary workers, first aid persons and administration personnel.


Sportscover Australia Pty Ltd

Non-Medicare medical benefits

  • 80% reimbursement up to a maximum of $3,000
  • $200 excess
  • 52 week benefit period

Capital benefits (death and permanent disablement)

  • $100,0000 maximum ($10,000 if under 18 years of age)

Loss of income

Optional upgrades are available upon application and payment of applicable premium

Medicare vs risk protection

When it comes to reimbursement of personal injury claims, it is important to understand Medicare, the Medicare gap and what is covered through the National Risk Protection Program.

Medicare is a Commonwealth Government program that provides eligible Australian residents with free or low-cost medical and hospital care.

Medicare provides access to:

  • Free treatment as a public (Medicare) patient in a public hospital
  • Free or subsidised treatment by practitioners such as doctors or specialists.


The medical benefits schedule (MBS) lists all treatments and associated MBR relating to Medicare.

You can access the MBS at any time on Medicare’s website. Items commonly used by sports participants that are Medicare listed can include general practitioners, surgeons and an anaesthetists.

The MBS lists a rebate amount for each Medicare item.

Example: a short consultation with a doctor = Medicare rebate of $15.36

However, doctors or specialists may charge more than the listed MBS amount.

The difference between what is charged and the MBS rebate is call the "Medicare gap"

  1. The doctor charges $45
  2. Medicare provides a rebate of $15.35
  3. Medicare gap = $29.65 (out of pocket expense).

The Health Insurance Act 1973 (Cth) strictly prohibits any general insurer from insuring any item that is listed on the Medicare Benefits Schedule.

This also means that regardless of your out of pocket expenses, it is against the law for the insurer to cover the Medicare gap.

If your medical or other treatment has a Medicare item number, such as the doctor fee above, it is claimable on Medicare but is uninsurable and you may not claim for reimbursement.

In the example above, you cannot claim the $29.65.

If your medical or other treatment does not have a Medicare Item Number, you may claim for reimbursement through Marsh. For specific insurance and risk protection information, please visit the making a claim section of this website.


Additional cover options

Product Icon

Asset Protect Insurance

A business package insurance solution to help protect your clubs assets from fire, theft, damage and more.

  • Damage for contents and/or building cover

    (e.g. fire or storm damage)

  • Burglary or Theft
  • Business interruption cover

    (e.g. loss of gross profits)

  • Money cover

    (e.g. canteen takings stolen)

  • General property cover

    (e.g. property in transit)

  • Glass cover

    (e.g. broken window)

  • Machinery breakdown cover

    (e.g. canteen fridge)

Product Icon

Cyber Insurance

An insurance solution that can help your sporting club prevent, detect and respond to cyber risks.

  • Ransomware and extortion
  • Unintended and accidental disclosure
  • Loss of confidential data

Need to make a claim?

Sometimes accidents happen and we're here to help.

Depending on when the accident occurred and the policy you need to make a claim under, there are different procedures to follow. Head over to our claims page now to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, the following expenses are not covered under the personal injury policy:

  • Doctor’s fees
  • Surgeon’s fees
  • Anaesthetist fees
  • X-rays
  • Public hospital costs
  • MRI scans

You also cannot make a claim if you:

  • Play against medical advice
  • Have a pre-existing injury
  • Are under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Are involved in a criminal act
  • Have a pre-existing illness or disease (ie cancer, heart condition)

In general, all touch football activities are covered. This includes matches, training, functions, meetings and the like (anywhere in Australia).

Yes, Club fundraising activities are automatically covered under the national insurance program. These automatic coverage inclusions would cover things such as Bunnings BBQ’s, Christmas parties or Come and Try days.

If  your proposed activity involves any of the following, please contact Marsh to ensure that cover can be confirmed with the insurer prior to the activity: 4WD rallies, jumping castles, water activities, aircraft, fireworks, livestock, rides of any kind, large crowds or events involving security personnel.

No, you will be issued with a claim number shortly after the claim has been lodged. This claim number can then be used on any further documentation that needs to be submitted to Sportscover in order to support your claim.

No, insurers are unable to pay claims already covered under Medicare, including the Medicare gap in accordance with the Health Insurance Act (Cth) 1973.

A $200 excess is applicable for each and every non-Medicare medical treatment or emergency transport claim in accordance with the policy terms and conditions.

Yes, the two policies will work together. You need to lodge a claim with your private health insurer first, then submit your claim via Sportscover. Costs that exceed your private health cover may be insured via the Touch Football Australia policy.

We suggest you contact Sportscover on 1300 134 956 for further details.

Subject to the policy limits and sub-limits you can make more than one claim during the policy period. It is important that you obtain a clearance from your treating physician prior to returning to training and/or competition.

Loss of income is not a standard inclusion under the Touch Football Association personal accident policy, though it can be purchased as an additional benefit. You can check with your club if this cover has been added.

There is a 14-day waiting period on any loss of income claims in accordance with the policy terms and conditions.

Negligence is doing something without a reasonable amount of care, or failing to do something which might reasonably have been done to prevent the incident.

Management Liability insurance is only available to incorporated entities. If your club is not incorporated, individual committee members may run the risk of exposing their personal assets.

LCPA 22/060

Marsh Advantage Insurance Pty Ltd (ABN 31 081 358 303, AFSL 238369) arranges the insurance and is not the insurer. This page contains general information and does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. For full details of the terms, conditions and limitations of the covers, refer to the specific policy wordings and/or Product Disclosure Statements available from Marsh Advantage Insurance (MAI) on request. MAI makes no representation or warranty concerning the application of policy wordings or the financial condition or solvency of insurers or re-insurers. MAI makes no assurances regarding the availability, cost, or terms of insurance coverage.  


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